The African and Malagasy Civil Aviation Authorities ensures Member States adhere to strict standards of safety and excellence

The African and Malagasy Civil Aviation Authorities (AAMAC) has taken off as a regional safety oversight body. It has become a recognised partner of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the African Civil Aviation Commission.

The life of institutions, like that of men, is marked by milestones. Among those of the AAMAC, it is worth noting the appointment in December 2018 of a new council president, who places his three-year term under the banner of an additional goal for the AAMAC and the renewal of the mandate of the AAMAC executive secretariat.

Consolidation of the operationalisation of the AAMAC is a major objective of its executive secretariat. The purpose of this action, now in its fifth year of effective existence, is to highlight the council’s mandate to act ‘for a safer African sky’. This is based on the objectives set by the Treaty of January 20, 2012, which led to the creation of this international organisation of co-ordination and monitoring of civil aviation safety. The main goals are:

  • To assist the parties in fulfilling their obligations under the Chicago Convention, with a common understanding and consistent implementation of its provisions
  • To promote efficiency by harmonising the regulatory framework and pooling the means to perform safety oversight tasks through more effective collective action than individual action.
  • To carry out these missions, the AAMAC relies on mechanisms put in place, which include:
  • The development procedure, which sets out the process of development, approval, dissemination, modification of the Aeronautical Technical Regulations (ATRs) and the associated documents, and the notification of differences to the ICAO
  • Recourse to the contribution of available expertise at state level, through ad hoc expert groups based on a defined cost plan to be implemented, of which seven have taken place to date.
AAMAC is a recognised partner of the ICAO

The development of the AAMAC’s ATRs is based on the ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices, with an unambiguous approach to co-ordinated and harmonised regulations. Thus, these reflect the expression of the authority or responsibility of Member States and have the mandate to contain requirements, such as Annex 2 of the Chicago Convention. The completion of the tasks within the framework of the missions has had encouraging results for the AAMAC. These include:

  • Some 40 texts (technical regulations and associated interpretative documents) were adopted by the AAMAC at its 41st meeting held in December 2018 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea; 15 recent texts are in the process of adoption
  • An average of five assistance missions in Member States have been carried out every year since 2016
  • MoUs are being signed between the AAMAC and each of its Member States to undertake the technical control and certification activities of air navigation service providers
  • Workshops to popularise the texts are under way; the first was held on 25–27 June 2019 in Bamako, Mali.

The texts are available to Member States for them to consolidate their performance in the field of aviation-safety oversight and to better fulfil their obligations under the Chicago Convention. To promote the visibility of the AAMAC, its website was revamped in June 2019.

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